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Fashion Pattern Drafting and Apparel Construction is a 24 months program where students learn to manifest their creativity with sound knowledge of technical skills in garment making. This course covers every sector of apparel construction and the candidate will learn the know-how to designers fit in garments for clients of every age. With the constant demand in the industry for Pattern Makers, this course not only teaches the technicalities of construction but also the art of Draping mainly used in Couture Designing.

The course includes 8 sub-modules including Introduction to Pattern Making and Apparel Construction, Men’s wear, Women’s wear, Kid’s wear, Draping Basic and Advance, Advance Construction and Non Fashion Fabric Construction. To get a detailed understanding a candidate should opt for the entire course. However, one can opt for a module-specific study as well.

Upon successful completion of the consolidated course, students will be able to:

  • Design, Create and successfully make fashion garments.
  • Create garments for every market
  • Learn designer fits along with couture finishes
  • Guide their future production teams and create patterns
  • Design complex garments and drapes with absolute ease and create freelancing opportunities for self
  • Create futuristic designs in apparel making.


  • Pattern Making and Apparel Construction
  • Women’s Wear Drafting and Construction
  • Men’s Wear Drafting and Construction
  • Kid’s wear
  • Draping (Basic)
  • Draping (Advanced)
  • Advance Pattern Making and Apparel Construction
  • Non-fashion fabric constructions

Eligibility & Application

Candidates with a secondary-school (high school) diploma or equivalent are eligible and selected after an interview with the course’s leading faculty and Director.


Programme Duration: 9 months | 6 hours | every saturday

Programme Fees: INR 240000 + 18% GST