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This is not an ordinary sketching course!

The world of sketching can make a person an artist he/she never thought. To communication creativity, emotions and story, it needs core skill and knowledge. Learn different style of sketching and develop a thematic series of drawing.

Discover and understand the difference between 1hr sketch, 10min sketch and 10sec sketch, learn the Principles of Art: Balance, Proportion, Rhythm, Emphasis and Unity. Dive deep into the theory of proportions and the basics of story-telling.


  • Sketching as a Language
  • Stages of sketching
  • Abstraction
  • Still Life
  • Perspective
  • Object Anatomy
  • Additional Essentials
  • Documentation

Eligibility & Application

Students in the age group of 13 years to 18 years are eligible to apply.


The course duration is 2.25 Months /3 hours every Saturday.