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Graphic design is the language of culture. It is how, through texts and images, experiences and interactions, we tell all the stories that form human society. Graphic design is the evidence of expression. It gives form and meaning to messages. It is the membrane between the real and the ideal.

The Program will involve hands-on creative activities aimed to help you produce more ideas faster. Students will develop an understanding of design process and problem-solving methods and explore the effect graphic design has upon the human environment from social responsibility, sustainability and interdisciplinary perspectives.

Develop an original, innovative and articulate body of graphic design work.

Eligibility & Application

Students in the age group of 13 years to 18 years are eligible to apply.


The duration of the Program is 15 hours and is spread over 5 Saturday (3 hours per Saturday)

Program Fees: INR 13500 + 18% GST