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Business of Fashion is an 18 months program where creative and practical skills are perfectly in balance to form the leader of the entrepreneurial class. This is an all-round figure who is able to start and run a fashion business unit, whether it’s a single production line or a whole company, a retail chain or e-commerce, a single brand or a whole portfolio, with conventional or unconventional promotion tools, inside or outside of the box.

The course includes 6 sub-modules including Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, Fashion Marketing and Branding, Fashion Exports, Retail and Mall Management and Entrepreneurship. To get a detailed understanding a candidate should opt for the entire course. However, one can opt for a module-specific study as well.

Upon successful completion of the consolidated course, students will be able to:

  • Manage all steps of the fashion cycle, including production, marketing, distribution and communication.
  • Develop new visions in response to unfamiliar problems in unpredictable working contexts.
  • Work effectively with others, capitalising on the difference in thinking, experience and skills.
  • Go beyond theoretical knowledge to gain a practical understanding of fashion management problems


  • Merchandising
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Fashion Marketing and Branding
  • Fashion Exports
  • Retail and Mall Management
  • Entrepreneurship

Eligibility & Application

Candidates with a secondary-school (high school) diploma or equivalent are eligible and selected after an interview with the course’s leading faculty and Director.


Programme Duration: 9 months | 6 hours | every saturday

Programme Fees: INR 180000 + 18% GST